Shake the sillies out? IMPOSSIBLE

I was going to make do on the “confessions” and write about needing to chillax as a mom versus raising good people.  For example, I feel like I raise my voice and say regulatory commands too much (“Don’t….” or “Stop….” or “Do…..” etc.), yet also enjoy the eventual results when the kids learn to be (somewhat) responsible and respectful.  Despite those positive outcomes, I often feel like such a drag or the perpetual unpleasant, uptight nag.  Days like this make me look even more forward to tonight’s wine tasting benefit for Cabrini Green Legal Aid with a friend (Thanks, Suz!).  Consuming wine for a good cause = perfect way to spend the evening! Instead, I think I’d rather share how strong the Kim silly gene is in the boys.  They will often kidnap the camera and capture this on their own and attempt to hone their photography skills.  It’s a far cry from Annie Leibovitz, but it definitely brings pure enjoyment in posing, contorting faces and running out the camera battery.  Evidently, this silly gene is dominant and passes from generation to generation.

Multi-generational silly gene on display

Pictures that the boys have taken themselves:

The sillies explode whenever Uncle Peter is around them:

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment.  The sillies will hopefully serve to provide the chillax that this Mama often needs.