Weekend getaway

Besides a birthday bbq on Memorial Day, the Beckett family had no real plans for this year’s Memorial Day weekend.  We kept tossing around ideas to do but had the fear that it would be like every other weekend: running errands, hanging around the house, maybe a trip to the bookstore, etc.  With Mike busy at work and me feeling the patience growing thin at home, we toyed with the idea of escaping the routine.  Who says planners can’t be spontaneous?  That’s right: we took one night to do a quick internet search and with no feedback or further thought, we booked a hotel at the closest beachtown in Michigan just 2 days before the weekend’s start.  Who says being older with kids means you can’t live life on the edge?  Wild & crazy, that’s us!  🙂

We headed out first thing Saturday morning and made it to the Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets in Michigan City, IN, for their sales (I LOVE SHOPPING!).  Mike, who will wear things until they are rags, got some much needed work attire.  The boys got their summer Crocs; it was buy 2 get 1 free so:

Believe it or not, I did not get a single thing for myself.  Who says miracles have ceased?  After shopping & lunch, we drove the last 20 minutes to New Buffalo, MI, and checked into the Harbor Grand.  New Buffalo is a cute, little town, and we were able to walk almost everywhere.
The boys were super excited to hear about the “I Love Toy Trains Store” so that was our next stop.  They had antique trains, Thomas trains, Lionel trains, “I love toy trains” trains, even Dinosaur Train trains (Ethan’s favorite PBS kids computer game which has fueled his encyclopedic knowledge of dinos).  Of course, they walk out with John Deere pick-up trucks.

All Ethan really wanted to do this weekend was play on the beach.  So despite a cool, cloudy Sunday, we braved the Lake Michigan beachside for a couple hours that morning.  On the walk over, we got acquainted with some of the locals: a family of geese (and their everpresent droppings).

John, Kate, & the Goslings  😉

Connor is an avid bird-chaser.  He has recently added “ROAR”-ing at them, which I am sure has contributed to more droppings everywhere.  The seagulls were peacefully enjoying a barren beach until their nemesis arrived.  They ended up fleeing to the sky and the cold water until I could drag the perpetrator back down to our side of the beach.  Otherwise, he may have made it up the entire coast chasing them all the way to Mackinac Island.

I can’t believe I just wrote this play-by-play (abbreviated, believe-it-or-not) like this when the only people who would really care are either out of the country or were there themselves (aka family).  I think it may have been better as a Facebook photo album and the blog reserved for the thoughts that came with (being Korean American) vacationing in a mini-resort (small) town.  Lesson learned.  Thanks for hanging in this long (aka skimming) if you made it all the way down here!

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2 Responses to Weekend getaway

  1. mrsbuckett says:

    LOVE it! Your story included more details than Dad gave me. 🙂 And I’m jealous of the pie. They don’t grow rhubarb in Italy! Ah well. Thanks for the update. And way to be spontaneous! 🙂 Love you guys!

    • wish you guys could have been there, too! angus would’ve loved the train store. and mom made the pie with fresh rhubarb from a friend’s garden! wish we could’ve sent you some!

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