A large part of the reason I started this blog was to document our adoption process.  However, I haven’t updated much on it.  In some ways, it feels like there isn’t that much to talk about really.  But, it is progressing.  Since the last entry on it in May, we have completed everything we need to do for the home study.  Our social worker came to interview us together, each individually, and finally for a home compliance visit (we will be licensed by the state as a foster home for when we have the child until the adoption is finalized).  We did 10 – 12 hours of an online course called, “With Eyes Wide Open” and then a 4- hour training at the local agency, both on international adoption.  Besides all that, we had a few more papers to complete.  Now we are waiting for the home study to be sent to the Minnesota agency handling the international part (granted that the social worker approves us, which we are assuming she will!).  Then the work on the dossier will start where we will probably have lots more paperwork to complete before it is all sent over to Korea.  We are guessing that will take another couple months or more.

So far in the past couple months of this process, there have been differing thoughts, feelings, and sometimes the absence of either while going through the tasks at hand.  In some ways, I recognize the entering into a new world and being privy to experiences and understandings of those in this same group.  It’s like when you become a mother and all of a sudden you experientially understand certain things that can make strangers bond with you over the woes of sleep training or breastfeeding or sleeplessness as well as the wonders of the miracle of life and the how the simplest of things from your offspring can bring such intense joy.  Or how after the tragedy of loss, your heart aligns more closely with those who have experienced the same in an unexplained depth that is felt even when not expressed.  Now we are starting to step towards the unknown role of adoptive parents.  As much as we could relate to some aspects of the world of adoption (Mike being adopted himself), it is definitely a new trail to be treading.  We are so fortunate to have people around us who have also adopted, and we will undoubtedly make good on their seasoned navigation through this brand new territory.

The boys have been aware from the beginning about our adoption process.  Who knows what really registers with Connor.  But Ethan appears to have an appropriate understanding.  At dinner tonight, he suggested we name her “Leah”(way better than Connor’s suggestion; don’t even ask) and wondered if she would be walking when she comes to live with us.  He was sad that she wouldn’t be an infant (Mr. Baby-lover), but he is excited about having a little sister some day regardless.

The big brothers-to-be:

Asian Bieber in the house??

Farmers’ market strawberries make Connor happy!

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