Uncle Scott Wrestling

Time with family is precious and even more so when the Atlantic Ocean separates us. Mike’s brother, Scott, his wife Jenny, son Angus, and daughter Lizzie are stationed with the Army in Livorno, Italy.  He was sent to North Carolina for a training and was able to squeeze in a few days visit, first in Michigan with his parents and friends, and then in Chicago with lucky us.  When Ethan heard that his Uncle Scott was coming to visit for a couple of days, his face exploded with joy and he immediately recalled when he, Connor and his cousin Angus played, “Uncle Scott Wrestling.”  In case you don’t know what that is, here are a couple of pictures to illustrate.  As you can tell by the boys’ faces, it’s pure FUN.

The most highly skilled and namesake of this past time can even partake while having deep, involved conversation with his brother.

Ethan’s most favorite thing of any day is when he gets to have a play date with a friend.  It’s like my mom going shopping or Mike getting to eat weird food.  The promise of Uncle Scott Wrestling trumped that and he told me that he didn’t want to have any play dates Monday because Uncle Scott was here.

As if his company wasn’t enough goodness for us all, Scott came bearing wine from Italy.  There was a news story last week on the correlation of 1-2 glasses daily and the prevention of Alzheimer’s.  Just another health benefit to our habit!  He also came with a humongous load of fresh Michigan produce, some from Mom Beckett’s garden, her friends’ or her neighboring farms.  YES!!!  We’ve had blueberry muffins for breakfast, peaches and cantaloupe for snacks, and last night’s dinner was lemon tomato salad with zucchini tomato pizza.  Tonight we’ll have corn that was picked this weekend and some tomato mozzarella salad.  Nothing beats how fresh, sweet, juicy and absolutely wonderful all this food is.

Scott, despite being a level-headed man, is a Cubs fan to the core.  🙂  He and Mike were able to catch a Cubs-Cardinals game.

The boys also enjoyed having Uncle Scott read their bedtime stories to them.  Compared to his animated reading, Mike and I are as monotone and boring as the teacher of “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller” fame.

The visit was short but sweet.  It would have been even sweeter if all the Becketts could have come, but we’ll take what we can get.  I love that the boys will grow up knowing their uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents through regular visits like these.  With practically all of our extended family having lived overseas, my brother and I were not able to enjoy this luxury.  The names of family will each have rich, experiential associations and memories connected to them.  The strongest connection will be love, and for that we are so grateful.

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One Response to Uncle Scott Wrestling

  1. Lois Hessie Wilson says:

    Loved hearing about Scott’s visit!

    … and all those beautiful pictures of your boys!

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