Cavemen Evolving, Part 2

Over the weekend, I told you how we have started to emerge from our cave.  I have to say that despite my making fun of Mike asking Siri if he needed to wear a jacket (“Is it Mom or Siri?!”), I do think Siri/Mom is pretty neat.  I’ve used her a few times already, and if I could just get her to organize my life and clean my house, I’d propose.

However, last night at bedtime, Ethan decided he needed to draw a picture of Angry Birds.  It was late on a school night, and I was not going to delay bedtime anymore.  Apparently, his “need” was life-threatening.  He insisted that he needed to draw this picture now or it would be a major life crisis (in 5 y/o terms).  I’m pretty good at saying no.  He had no hope.  I told him he could draw it tomorrow, but he feared that he would forget and then the world was sure to end.  He somehow managed to go to bed in spite of having the meanest Mommy in the universe.  It was amusing.

This morning, as he drowsily emptied his bladder, Ethan reported to me that he had been thinking of his Angry Birds picture every minute and every hour of the night.  I couldn’t believe that it was still in his mind!  Sure enough, while downing his cereal, he busted out the markers and proceeded to satisfy his great need to put his mild obsession on paper.  He happily finished before school and gave the grand masterpiece to Grandma Beckett who patiently listened to his description.  I explained that the birds are angry because they are from an iPhone game and not because Ethan may need art therapy for negative feelings.  Although, if he continues down this path, I may enroll him in a 12-step program.  He could go with his Dad, easily converted iPhone lover.

How much can change in so little time.  Oh, I long for the days of yore when angry birds were just the ones the boys chased in the park!  🙂

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