Halloween’s Torch Passed & Dropped

Mike and I, aka slacker parents, have never had to think about Halloween costumes until this year.  From the time we had children who were able to dress up and trick-or-treat, we have had the luxury of their doting Uncle Peter gladly taking on that duty.  With Ethan’s birthday just 5 days before Halloween, Uncle Peter would unveil that year’s costume(s) during the weekend we celebrated our firstborn’s birth.  He would plan ahead, pick out something great (adding a matching one for Connor once he came around), unveil, and provide us all with great photo op’s and memories.

2006: Lion

2007: Dumbo the elephant

2008: Baby Dracula & Young Frankenstein

2009: Piglet (once mistaken for a girl) & Pooh

2010: Dinosaurs with Uncle Peter

Now that he is a doting father with his own adorable son to plan for and dress up, Uncle Peter understandably passed that torch onto us, the parents who should have been taking this responsibility from the beginning.  Poor Ethan and Connor.  Halloween will never be the same for them!  A few months before Oct. 31st, Peter asked if I had thought about their costumes (of course not!) since he already had an idea for Thomas’ first costume.  From that moment on, I knew that my poor brother would forever face the disappointment of his nephews’ last-minute, low-key, uninspired outfits.

2011: Cousin Thomas is a turkey!

This year when I asked Connor, he said he wanted to be a dinosaur again.  So of course I just used last year’s costume for him.  Never mind that in order to wear the head piece he would have to sacrifice breathing since it was clearly too small.  As long as it was anywhere near wearable, he was going to wear it.  Ethan wasn’t sure, but he has always loved helping me in the kitchen.  I had been meaning to get him an apron for some time so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and have him be a chef.  He was totally game.  It’s a practical, reusable costume, and I think practical is (sometimes) my middle name.  So while my brother (who is truly one of the best uncles in the universe) may lament my sad handling of this fall holiday, I am actually quite impressed that I got the kids dressed up at all and that we didn’t have them go as themselves, little monsters that they are.

2011: repeat dino & our top chef

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One Response to Halloween’s Torch Passed & Dropped

  1. Kristina says:

    =) I’ll always remember Ethan running out with his Dumbo costume at his birthday party. so cute.

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