The “X-Y” Factor

Growing up as a girl with an older brother, I thought that it would be ideal to have a boy first and then a girl when I eventually had my own family.  The plan worked until the ultrasound during our 2nd pregnancy showed that we were indeed going to have another boy.  Of course I was happy that the results of the sonogram were showing signs of health; no doubt that was the most important thing.  However, I will not deny that there was some disappointment.  I did want a girl not just for that earlier reason, but also because my mom and I are so close.  I wanted to be able to have that relationship with a daughter as well.  I am in no way a “girly-girl” but I also wanted to be able to dress up a daughter.  Anyone who has ever shopped anywhere knows that the girls’ clothes are much cuter and have exponentially more options.

It goes without saying that Connor is the perfect addition to our family.  I would never trade him for any other child in the world even with the worst of his tantrums.  To top it off, he is rather pretty, too.  🙂  Being a mother of two boys has been interesting to say the least.  Sometimes I am at a loss when they get rowdy.  They are constantly tackling each other.  When these extremely physical bouts first appeared, I was a little concerned and would try to nip them in the bud.  Then I realized that while I was worrying, they were cracking up laughing (well, most of the time) and enjoying the rough and tumble play.  Whenever they are getting dressed/undressed and they are at that stage when topless but still panted (is that a word?), they will start to say “Box!  Box!  Box!” and re-enact Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier.  Is boxing not one of the most violent sports out there?  Needless to say, I cringe but laugh at the same time.

Every morning I like to read the paper while drinking my drug of choice (COFFEE!).  Now that football-mania has overtaken their world, the boys ask me for the Sports page every time we eat breakfast together.  Ethan will update me on the scores and upcoming Sunday schedule, especially if there is anything at all to do with the Chicago Bears.  Personally, the Sports section was the one and only section that I would always bypass even when I have the time to peruse through the entire paper.  Now with sons who eagerly ask me to read the fine lines they cannot, I strangely find myself also flipping through the once neglected section even when they aren’t begging me to do so.  What has become of me?!  When the Bear’s quarterback, Jay Cutler, broke his thumb, I found myself preparing how to break the news to Ethan like I had prepared to tell him about the death of our family pet, Fred the Fish.  And even though it will never compare to the ballet for me (the only XX representation here), this house is definitely ruled by men in tights.

As for the clothes, the boys’ selections are improving.  Ironically, I am now at the point where I no longer feel equipped for such improvements.  The exponentially more options though once enticing are now simply overwhelming.  I can easily grab jeans, tees and hoodies for the boys.  When it comes to looking for little females, I stand there paralyzed and completely uncertain what tights or leggings or pullovers or bows or accessories to pull together.  I have seen such cute outfits on little girls around here.  However, I know that in order for me to come up with the same result, I would have to enroll in some advanced college classes.

I have come to love being the mother of two boys.  I love that they have each other and are the best of friends (when not the worst of enemies).  I love having a house full of Legos, dinosaurs and cars.  Yes, the toilets are atrocious (!!) and no one wants to go shopping with me, but this was what was meant to be.  Sometimes life has a way of correcting our ideals.  Such is the case with me.

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One Response to The “X-Y” Factor

  1. Han Paik says:

    Jessica and I are expecting our second boy in January, and we too were somewhat disappointed when we found out we were having another boy.
    We are both excited and nervous about the transition from 1 to 2 children, but after reading your post, I was so blessed by your sharing!
    Before Noah was born, we couldn’t imagine what life was going to be like with a child in the home. Now, we can’t imagine life without Noah. We are hoping and expecting that it will be similar with the second….
    Thanks again for sharing!

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