Seasons Greetings 2011

Yesterday I was telling my bosom friend that Mike and I are slacking even more than our usual selves. Every year since Ethan was born, we paid to take family pictures somewhere before the holidays. Being slackers, this did not mean a real professional photographer whose images make you look like movie stars and picture-frame models. It meant we trekked to Sears or Target and had our school day pictures relived with that same blue or gray background and a little bit of variety. However, we took all of a nanosecond to decide we were not even going to do that this year.

In fact, we were not even sure if we’d send holiday cards out at all. I did read this article in the paper that the Emily Post folks gave their official nod of etiquette approval for e-greetings. It made me think about emailing everyone a “Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!” and calling it a day. After all, it would be the eco-friendly way to go. But there are some of you out there whose emails I do not have (all 5 of you), and the old-fashioned part of me made an impulsive decision to go ahead with it, Post-permission or not. After I got them, I realized that they are definitely showing our lack of investment, to which my ever-sentimental husband said something like, “Who cares? People just throw them away anyways. They’re fine!” (Please know that each of your cards are saved and tucked away somewhere in our files of valued treasures!)

I usually send some kind of update each year, and every other year those updates turn into a lengthy letter. I figured this year most have already been plagued with my status updates and blog posts. Even any intentions of hand-writing nice greetings flew out the window when I turned into a factory worker packing envelopes down the assembly line. So here it is instead: THE BECKETT’S YEAR IN REVIEW.

Connor: Mr. 3 y/o started preschool this year. He loves it and has gradually come out of his shell to show that he is not mute but able to interact with peers. He continues to be a goofball and possibly the silliest kid in the world. We are working on breaking him of his thumb-sucking habit. It’s amazing he still has that thumb and hasn’t sucked that thing off yet. He has had his fair share of tantrums and “terrible 3” episodes but makes up for it with his affectionate ways and gosh-darn-cute prayers (“Help me to be goooood. Help me not to cry or be bad. Amen.” AMEN!). He continues to play soccer (loosely defined) and is thrilled to have our friend, Ms. Angie, for a coach this session. His palate has expanded to embrace spicy, so kimchi is now added to his repertoire to our great pleasure.

Ethan: Our tall 6 y/o started kindergarten this year. What a big change it has been from play-based learning preschool (a great foundation)! He goes all day and has homework every single night. Mike (Tiger Dad wannabe) loves all the academics and has actually slowed down the extra workbooks and flashcards which shows he really is pleased with all Ethan has been learning. Ethan also continues with soccer, had dabbled in a little swim, and is learning tennis now. I can’t wait till we can play doubles as a family in the future and re-enact Kim family court time. His palate has expanded to add salmon rolls and sashimi, and we sushi-lovers could not be more proud. He continues to love dinosaurs and should soon be able to publish a dissertation on them at this rate.

Leslie: With both boys in school for the first time, I now have 2 1/2 hours every morning to myself. I AM A NEW WOMAN!!! 🙂 I love my kids and love being at home with them, but also LOVE those 2 1/2 hours. Besides mom-duties, I have started this blog that the 10 of you read (Hi, family!). I also work out regularly. And by work out, I mean vacuum. Mike and I also officially started our adoption process this year. We are done with our home study, and everything has been turned in and sent to Korea. We hope to get a referral for our future daughter sometime in the Spring of 2012 and will keep you posted.

Mike: The biggest thing with Mike this year has been his recent health issues. Over 2 months ago, he had heartburn that was bothering him so much that he made major changes in his diet (smaller portions, no wine/coffee/tea/spicy, very healthy, less acidic, etc.). He has lost about 20 pounds in 2 months. He has seen an E.N.T., a G.I., his internist, an acupuncturist, and in the end feels as though he is getting worse, not better. His symptoms are not typical. It is cruel and unusual punishment for a food-lover like him! When something affects your minute-to-minute existence, it is hard not to let it consume you, let alone depress you. We are praying for relief, healing, and in and through it all, His pleasure in how we handle this struggle.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being a part of our lives in some way, shape or form that has made us feel utterly blessed. We wish you all a peaceful holiday season and the happiest new year!

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2 Responses to Seasons Greetings 2011

  1. Annie Stock says:

    Leslie has Mike also considered a chiropractor to complement the acupuncture? Ours is great and we’d be happy to give you guys their info…hope poor Mike feels better soon!

  2. Jan Keatley says:

    Love the updates!

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