Purging Party

In efforts to do what I have been meaning to do forever, I invited some brave girlfriends (cue: “I get by with a little help from my friends…”) to help me minimize our stuff a few weekends ago. Some of Mike’s serious talks have involved him not being able to work, therefore us not being able to keep this house, therefore trying to sell quickly or at worst foreclosing, therefore moving to West Virginia to live with my parents(!!). Yes, those talks leave me in tears. I have managed to slow some of his thoughts down for the most part, and we are taking it one day at a time.

If I do have to go down though, I am going down rocking out with drinks in hand. That’s how I roll. Instead of depress myself with thinking I was staging my house for a short sale, I thought why not transform it into a girls night out? Aren’t all you females rightly jealous? My poor but loving friends get invited to come over and CLEAN! Oh, yeah, we know how to have a good time.

First we ate BBQ pulled pork (at least I fed them for their free labor). Alexandria brought PINK MOSCATO! What is that, you ask? It is probably what all the high school kids are now drinking instead of B&J wine coolers. It is spiked Kool-Aid. If you weren’t jealous before, you are green with envy now! It gets better. We shared highly intellectual conversations on the justification of two friends’ Jersey Shore addiction. It was so wrought with guilt filled with theory and social science that someone out there should use it for her PhD dissertation.

Then we got down to business. We hit 5 of 8 closets including my personal one. Brutality finally had me let go of clothes I had bought from J.Crew…when I worked there…in grad school…14 YEARS AGO! True friends give you tough love. Items that would have made it had I been by myself did not stand a chance with the clean up crew. Some things got recycled to the friends who offered their services, a few items might make it to eBay, some things had to be trashed and the rest finally got dropped off at Salvation Army today.

Bound for Salvation Army

Spring cleaning with Pink Moscato is the only way to go I’ve decided. There is more to tackle once I get my next bottle. It is amazing how much stuff we have but do not need. It is freeing to get it out. Thank you, girlfriends. YOU ROCK!

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