An Attempt at Updating

Some of you have asked for updates, but it seems hard to know what to say really. Mike started his leave from work 3 weeks ago. The first week my mom was here and gave him (and all of us) lots of TLC. Every day she’d say, “Let’s do devotionals!” and Mike and she would read, talk and pray together. I also gained 10 pounds from her Korean cooking and treating us out. My dad was able to join us over the weekend, and as always family time was so nice.

Walking and rolling to lunch with Grandparents Kim

Walking and rolling to lunch with Grandparents Kim

During that first week, we saw Mike’s new internist again. She ordered new B12 shots, and I had to get over my squeamish self and learn how to administer them. Even though nursing is not my calling, I feel like a pro now and can stab my poor husband’s skin with the best of them. They seem to have helped a little. Mike is not feeling any worse at least, and he has felt some minor improvement at night. I get the feeling Eeyore isn’t as encouraged by these minimal facts, but Pollyanna will take them as encouraging news!

The second week we were able to spend a few days in Michigan with Mike’s parents. Despite me sneezing my head off from seasonal allergies, it was nice getting out of the city. The boys love being with their grandparents, Tucker the dog, and seeing the many animals at the farm across the way. I overheard Mike say to his parents about his childhood, “We didn’t have everything we wanted, but we had everything we needed.” In all this, we are constantly reminded of the truly important things in life. My in-law’s often don’t need those reminders like we do, and we are always blessed to be in their company. Mike asked them questions about growing up, about dad’s arthritis, and gained more understanding into what they have been through with health issues.

Bedtime stories with Grandparents Beckett

Bedtime stories with Grandparents Beckett

This past third week we flew to Orlando for vacation with friends. It was so nice to relax at the pool every day in the beautiful weather, go to Legoland which the kids loved, and hang out with friends who are like family. These are definitely moments to treasure, and we are grateful to make these memories with the kids. We especially enjoyed meaningful conversations with friends who know us and love us and provided way better therapy than the professional counselors. We were able to enjoy long walks and talks together as a couple, too. (Thanks, Emily, for your awesome babysitting. I should thank Angie, too, but there are those incriminating photos!! Ha!)

Sophie, Parker, Connor & Ethan with one of many Lego creations at Legoland

This fourth week we have Mike’s appointment with a neurologist at the University of Chicago for a second opinion (Thanks, Dr. R. for the speedy referral!). We are hoping for answers and effective treatments. As I’ve said before, one of the hardest things for Mike is not knowing exactly what is going on and therefore not having a concrete treatment plan to work with. I know that even with travels and distractions and family time, he is constantly worrying about the future. I am good (perhaps too good) at putting those thoughts aside and living in the present. We had agreed to have these serious future talks once a month and already he has violated that agreement twice! But as our family’s sole provider, I can’t blame him. He’s always been an excellent planner and not having a plan in this current crisis has to be killer, on top of the physical discomforts that still plague him every day. Our first monthly talk will be next week though taking into consideration the appointment with the neurologist and a follow-up with the internist. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for those appointments, our talk(s), and the remainder of Mike’s leave time to be fruitful in every sense. We cannot thank you enough for helping us through in all the ways you have. We hope you all have a blessed Easter, Passover and/or weekend! 🙂

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