Easter Dinner 2012

Connor, Mike, Kristina, Yeena, Theo, Dave, Alice, Cody, Ethan (and me in the mirror)

Easter dinner wasn’t a tradition I grew up with as a child. While living in St. Louis, it became one for me and and the beloved Park family. I loved it being a given that we would be eating that meal together, sometimes at my place, sometimes at theirs. One time with ham, one time with Sindy’s fall-off-the-bone ribs and always with baskets of goodies for their kids. It was definitely one of the many things I mourned losing when we moved away from the Lou, and I wrote about it on Xanga at the time. (Boys and girls, Xanga was a popular blog website in the time before iPhones, Facebook and indoor plumbing!)

After a long hiatus, we hosted again this year since our friends Alice & Cody were visiting Chicago this week. It seemed appropriate gathering mutual friends with St. Louis connections for the return of Easter dinner in the Beckett home. Mike and I continue to cherish relationships like these. We enjoy the holiday traditions that remind us of the truly sacred things in life. Behind each ritual is significance. Such is true of most things. The challenge is not to get lost on the surface of ritual, but to linger in the deeper places of significance. Although I hate seeing Mike (and our family and many of you) go through difficult times, trials definitely aid in taking and keeping us in that preferred place of lingering. Happy HOLY-days to you.

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2 Responses to Easter Dinner 2012

  1. James says:

    missed those days. glad you are carrying on the tradition! you remember the ribs?! Hahaha.

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