Yesterday Michael Beckett called Comcast and completely canceled our cable service. Completely. No basic, no ESPN, no nightly news, no SNL, no Top Chef, no kids’ shows, nada, zero, zilch. For those of you who don’t know Mike, this calls for you to get right with Jesus because He must be coming back today. When I first met Mike, he was faithfully glued to the boob tube for every football game (we started dating in the fall, and it’s amazing I got to know him AT ALL then). He has been a big fan of television and regularly watched the nightly news. In the early days, he loved Survivor, American Idol, CSI: Miami, Boston Legal, Frasier and a whole slew of shows that I can’t even remember. It was his first choice for entertainment and relaxation. After a long day at the office, he’d love nothing more than vegging in front of the TV. Sometimes, it would cause marital strife. I was never an avid watcher and preferred spending spare time in other ways. I’d rather read or talk or take a walk or alphabetize my spices or anything but that.

However, over the years, I learned the priceless gift of compromise and began to join him on occasion in solidifying our butt implants on the couch. I started watching his shows, sports, news, etc. I even agreed to getting a DVR (years after it came out). He compromised as well. We still had his old huge TV, and it is quite amazing that he never insisted on upgrading once we moved to a new house. He no longer had to watch every single second of football in the fall. He no longer had to watch certain shows all the time. It finally dawned on him that he no longer is a boob tube addict. With everything that has been going on lately, we have rarely had the TV on. The kids’ hardly ever watch any shows anymore (hello, iPhone games!). We don’t even watch the news anymore. Mike has been reading more (GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH!), and he on his own volition suggested we cancel cable. Oh, happy day. He actually said he felt good about it and that it was freeing!

Now some of you are thinking that you will no longer be coming to our cable-less house. Don’t worry. We definitely have alternative means of entertainment. Exhibit A: Ethan Louis and Connor Ali.

Starting in their respective corners

The boys took their shirts off so they could be authentic boxers. They also put their socks on their hands so they had the appropriate glove gear. At first it made me cringe but then they somehow manage to play “boxing” without the bruises and injuries. Their play is like a well-choreographed dance that clearly shows a boxing match without the bloody violence. It’s as though Ang Lee came and directed them. Pretty soon they’ll be flying over furniture.

Connor deserves an Oscar for his facial expressions

Changes can be good. Had you told me years ago that Mike would be canceling his beloved cable, I would’ve looked at you like the crazy person you would have been then. But here we are. No cable. (I’m still a little shocked and just have to repeat it every so often.) I am trying to remember that in the face of uncertainty. Even with Mike making improvements in his health, we still know that there could be some major changes in our future. There is so much still up in the air. Some of those major changes find me resistant and stubborn. But I have been trying to let go. To trust. To know that being open to change can make me open to even greater things even if all I can see at first are the losses. Mike Beckett canceled cable. MIKE BECKETT CANCELED CABLE! I, too, can learn to adapt and change with time. If you still are not convinced, post-boxing pictures, that you would be adequately entertained at our house, I can always give you some spices to alphabetize.

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