Makes me think of how my mom (Choon) constantly had to explain her name pronunciation to people she just met, “like June except with a Ch.”

Brings fresh summer produce, so sweet, so cheap, so yummy.

Ends Mike’s leave. His return to work so far has been better than expected. Thank you for your prayers.

Has teachers celebrating. I love our teachers. The boys have developed dramatically over the school year.

Celebrates Mike’s birthday. He turned 21 again. We could visit his office as a family. The boys loved being there with the high rise view of the city below. I thought of odes for blog posts, but each time words actually failed me. I love him so much and cannot fully express all there is to appreciate him adequately.Image

Has us discussing so many possibilities and a wide array of potential future plans. Time will tell. In the meantime, we are able to trust, able to dream with hope and not despair. That doesn’t mean the options have changed, just the perspective. So again, thank you for your prayers.

Crawls with kids released from school. The parks are packed. The boys made a rare trip downtown. “It’s so busy!” We recalled the days when I brought Ethan here often to meet Mike after work. I asked Ethan to give me facts about Picasso in exchange for permission to slide. “He’s an artist. He made this sculpture.” Not the details I was hoping for, but he did answer.Image

Denies some the typical breaks and pleasures of summer. Please remember Andrew and Connor in your coveted prayers. Nothing we go through as a family can compare to their stories. Join us in praying.

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