Camp So Far

What I did expect Ethan to experience and learn at summer camp:

– games

– sports (kickball, floor hockey, dodgeball, basketball, soccer, etc.)

– making new friends

– lots of swimming pool time

What I did not expect him to pick up from camp:

– “6 y/o’s have big nuts.” Our beloved Ms. Emily reported this statement from Ethan when she babysat last week. I don’t think he meant almonds or pistachios. She, and then later I, both set him straight. I suppose the locker room talk has officially started. Oh, boy(s)!

– “There are 5 houses. The blue man lives in the blue house. The yellow man lives in the yellow house. The red man lives in the red house. The green man lives in the green house. Who lives in the white house?” Connor replies to his big brother, “The white man.” “No, Barack Obama!” and Ethan begins his illustrious career as a comedian.


Ethan O’Brian?

As much as I joke about a deep (DEEP) love for camp, school, date nights, girls’ nights, and any other freedom-providing respite from Momville, I really do love my children (most of the time). See, I can’t even lose the sarcasm for a minute to reassure those who may doubt that I see them as a blessing and not a curse. But I do, believe it or not.

Connor did not have camp today, and I actually treasured every moment (almost). He puckered up and kissed his brother goodbye at drop off, tutored me in air guitar, danced like a spaz, snuggle-buggled, told me Jesus loves even bad guys and “I love Him!” and was generally so cute I could barely stand it at certain moments. I may make Momville sound like prison sometimes (and rightly so), but rest assured there is no other place in the universe that I’d rather reside.

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