Goodbye, Chicago

During our last weeks in Chicago, we tried to see as many beloved friends as possible. The night we moved from our home to a temporary condo, I lay awake for what felt like hours. These lyrics ran through my insomniac mind: “I’m so tired, but I can’t sleep. Standing on the edge of something much too deep.” Deep is our love for each face (and more unfortunately not captured) that we have had the privilege of knowing during this blessed chapter in our lives! We already miss you all.

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3 Responses to Goodbye, Chicago

  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful ~ ! Your lives are beautiful and it’s the Lord’s love shining through your sweet family that will continue to make beautiful things of your lives in NM. May the Lord bless you and keep you until we can see one another again soon! Love to you all!!

  2. Michael says:

    You all left? I thought this was all a ploy for random expressions of love over food with words and tears.

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