This Morning’s Torture

Now that both boys are in school, I find myself with some time on my hands. When Mike asked me what I did yesterday, I pointed to my freshly polished toenails. There was a guilty smile when all I had to report was a (beautiful) pedicure. (This stay-at-home-mom-guilt will lead to another post at another time.) In my attempts to stay busy and productive, I decided that I would try running. Yes, you are reading Leslie Beckett’s blog. It’s me. I should have warned you to sit down first. Believe it or not, the thought of running entered my brain. And since I confessed that existence to at least a couple of you, I felt the need to follow through. Besides, this meant I could justify another trip to T.J. Maxx to get a pair of running shoes. Couple anything with an excuse to go shopping, and it will surely get done.

Today was D-Day. After dropping the boys off and taking a moment to stretch, I determinedly headed out the door. OH MY GOODNESS. It’s not like I’ve never exercised before, and running has occurred a handful of times in my life. Usually, I start (and maintain and finish) at a snail’s pace, so I can comfortably breathe with mouth closed. Then I build up to breathing in my nose and out my mouth. And then by the end of my little jaunt, I’m fully mouth breathing like the best obscene phone caller. This time, I was breathing like a chain-smoker sprinting up the Empire State Building before I turned the first corner. And because my realistic ambitions were to go around the block, I still had three more corners to cover.

I’d like to think that it was because I’m at the foothills of the Sandia Mountains and most of the run was uphill. (Yes, technically, it should even out when you run around the block, but I swear by some miracle it really felt uphill the entire time.) I will also throw in there that I am at a higher elevation. There are times when I drive from where we are living to run errands and my ears pop from the change in elevation. When I do run once a Leap Year, I do enjoy the fact that it feels like my lungs get cleared out. However, this time, I felt like all my internal organs were not only getting cleared out but were being completely rearranged by high altitude air. Everyone else I ran into was walking, and since they are so friendly here they would greet this shocked city girl. Amazingly, I somehow managed to pant “Hi” back. “Good morning” would have taken way too much out of me.

Why do people choose to do this? WHY?! I thought of my friends who recently ran a half marathon. How in the world did they do it? It was all I could do to make it back home. I kept thinking of Alexandria chugging along for 13 miles, and it helped me run that last (uphill) stretch. But alas, I am allergic to it. Seriously, ever since I came back, I have been sneezing and blowing my nose into enough tissues to take down a forest. Does this running idea have any chance in becoming a healthy life habit? At this rate, the odds are slim. I definitely need a 50 pound vest wearing drill sergeant friend (yes, you Vivi) to force me to do it. Otherwise, it looks like the nail salon and I are going to be best friends.

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5 Responses to This Morning’s Torture

  1. Leslie, I run (and not as often as I should) because it’s something I’m not good at. It challenges me mentally and physically. I am used to things “coming easily,” and it’s a reminder of the importance of discipline, hard work, and delayed gratification. I also run because I really like to eat very fatty things like baby back ribs and Ben & Jerry’s and I am constantly trying to fit into those tight pair of jeans a little more comfortably. If it’s not running, try something that may not come natural to you. It can be liberating for a perfectionist once you let yourself go! I am speaking to myself.

  2. Michael says:

    My doctor, knowing I’m a pastor, once told me that Jesus walked a lot and that if he could, I could. I say, make it a goal to walk 2 blocks and another block everyday after that, and after you’ve walked them all, start doing the same with the jog, until you end up jogging to your nail salon as a reward. And perhaps there’s a reason everyone else was…walking around that block.

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