The Everyday

I want to remember the little things. It’s not all big adventures, deep thoughts and humorous entertainment. Sometimes, it’s just daily life.

This weekend ended the annual hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque, perhaps the biggest event of the year here. Ethan fully embraced the spirit of his new town. Last week, he enlisted Connor’s help and worked hard to transform their bedroom into a balloon festival museum. When he was finally ready, he led us to the main entrance.

We had to buy and present tickets (no family discount apparently). I believe Krispy Kreme was a sponsor since the director was wearing their hat while on duty.

There were various balloon picture displays.

Can you tell where little brother Connor contributed? (“My basket is tiny!”)

Of course there had to be an angry bird balloon. Riders beware of falling out!

The assistant also got to wear a special balloon festival badge.

If you came after hours, you were informed that it was no longer opened.

Last Sunday the boys flipped TV channels back and forth between the usual football games and the America’s Cup Yacht race. That inspired more creations. Ethan had his dinosaur boat teams race each other. It was the U.S. vs. Spain. Despite the close finish, the U.S. team pulled the win. To be fair though, half the Spanish team looks like they were napping.

The boys determinedly took down all the balloon festival room decor this weekend. Like any good museum, they have a special exhibit schedule. Next up is Carnivore week. Then it will be Herbivore week, followed by Super Tiny and Super Large Dinosaurs week in November. Are there any college scholarships for Paper Art Creations? We are putting the huge stack of recycled paper from Town and Country Pediatrics to good use (Thanks, Dr. Jenny!).

Almost every day the boys create new paper art and elaborate dramatic play. Yes, there are frequent requests to play on the computer or iPhone, but those allowances are time-limited and often provide inspiration for the next brother team enactments. Yes, there are also Mommy’s repeated requests to stop standing/jumping on the furniture (BED!) which will finally be heeded after tonight’s head injury for poor Connor. I hope. Maybe? We’ll see. And yes, there are whines and complaints almost every day, but the intense laughter and endless acting adventures sometimes make up for it. Sometimes. These are the everyday joys of childhood. I want to remember them.

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One Response to The Everyday

  1. Caryn says:

    Wondeful as usual. I laughed so hard tonight. Thank you!

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