Don’t Stop the Party!

It’s the day before the week
Of the Kim family’s coming
To our southwestern home
“Don’t Stop the Party” I’m humming.

Extra beds are all prepped,
The house is (mostly) clean.
Our excitement is high,
The boys’ pants might have pee.

The fridge is all stocked,
Costco makes sure we have
Lots of Goldfish for Thomas
And some beers for my Dad.

IMG_2268Like most anyone else,
We might get annoyed.
So many days together
We could fight over toys.

But with Kims and with Becketts
In my mind there’s no doubt,
When it comes to our families,
We definitely lucked out.

Come Daddy, Come Mama,
Come Robin and Peter,
Come Thomas & Daniel,
For your visit, we’re eager!

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