Running Against the Wind

Today is International Women’s Day. While the United States may not be big on celebrating, it is celebrated globally in many ways. We women DO hold up Half the Sky. I was not sure how I was going to celebrate until I started my morning jog. I pushed myself to run my farthest: 3 miles! How’s that for a couch potato who hates exercise?! What got me to go the extra distance? I thought about the 5K I signed up for next month. (The miracles keep on happening.) This is the very first registered run for me. Run Against Traffick, a 5K walk/run with a kids K walk, benefits Spoken For, the anti-human trafficking ministry at our church. While I extended my usual route, I thought about the 20 women who tried to solicit a friend to buy time with their bodies while walking the streets of Southeast Asia. I thought about my sweet, happy-go-lucky 2 1/2 year-old niece who is visiting us now and will never have to be under such bondage to survive. I thought about many who are enslaved, and the run that usually would seem impossible suddenly did not any more. Sometimes all it takes is the right motivation to run against the odds, against trafficking, for freedom, for women. Happy International Women’s Day.

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