Celebrating 9 Years

9.) NINE years of marriage my husband and I got to celebrate this weekend.

8.) EIGHT seconds it took for Mike to make dinner reservations after our sister-in-law emailed an offer to babysit during their visit so we could celebrate sans kids. (THANK YOU, SCOTT & JENNY!!!)

7.) SEVEN dishes on the table for us at Jennifer James 101: complimentary pickled cucumbers, deviled eggs with pickled leek, foie gras atop salad greens, spicy carrot & ginger soup, steamed black mussels, Petrale sole, and banana ice cream with warm caramel.

Dinner at Jennifer James 101

Dinner at Jennifer James 101

6.) SIX people working together to serve us our meal: the host, the waitress, the chef, the sous chef, the bus boy, and the woman washing and restocking dishes. We could see them all in the open kitchen.

5.) FIVE places we stopped by in the two hours between dinner and our movie: Banana Republic, Gap, Gap Kids, the Apple Store, and the gas station. (Yes, we get all wild & crazy on a Saturday night!)

4.) FOUR people including ourselves in the whole theater for our movie. The other two came just when the previews started, thereby ruining our plans to make out during the movie. 🙂

Dinner AND a movie is a rare treat for our dates.

Dinner AND a movie is a rare treat for our dates.

3.) THREE times I noticed Mike fell asleep during the show. We watched Amour.  In other words, Mike proves how much he loves me by agreeing to see a French foreign film about an elderly couple facing the challenges of physical and mental decline. Yes, his love for me is even deeper than the movie was.

2.) TWO people that came to mind while watching the film: Mr. and Mrs. T. She was a former hospice patient of mine and he, her husband of 61 years, devotedly cared for her till her dying day. They are forever in my mind and heart. On Mike and my first anniversary, the widower Mr. T. sent me a card saying, “60 more years to go…”

1.) ONE man whom I am blessed to call my soulmate, my partner, and my gift from God. WE’VE COME A LONG WAY (in one year let alone nine), BABY!

True Amour

True Amour

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2 Responses to Celebrating 9 Years

  1. Caryn says:

    I want to see a wedding picture. Congratulations!

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