Summer Break: Day 1

School is officially out for both boys now. Within the first hour of our summer break together at home, we had meltdown #2. (#1 was Connor at his school party.) Ethan was screaming and crying. He was shouting, “IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!” in between threats and superlative statements.

What brought on World War III? Connor got the exclusive privilege of cleaning the living room coffee table. That’s right, folks. They were fighting over the awful injustice of being denied the right to spray Windex and wipe dirt. It was a horrid tragedy for such young children to experience. After a calming talk with the chief victim, my coffee table became the cleanest furniture piece in history after not one but two excessive wipe downs.

The cause of WWIII

The cause of WWIII

Dry those crying eyes and wet that (already clean) table

Dry those crying eyes and wet that (already clean) table

Once the peace treaty was signed, these boys went to town. They wanted to continue the wild and crazy fun by cleaning the french doors. They even went outside to do the other truly dirty sides. Nothing was stopping them. Nothing.

IMG_2982 IMG_2983 IMG_2984 IMG_2985While I drank coffee and ate chocolate chip cookies, they continued their adventures to as much of the house as they could reach: front door windows, bathroom mirrors, shower doors and even items that should NOT have Windex on them before I intervened. Had I not gotten up from my cookies, they might have sprayed every square corner of the house. At one point, Ethan enthusiastically asked, “What else can we clean?” Let’s have a moment of silence to appreciate that sublime statement, please. AHHHH.

When they finished and used up most of my Windex since surfaces probably received about 90 squirts each, they were asking me if they could get a raise on their allowance. And the dreamy moment gets replaced with reality. At least Ethan who required not one but two snacks post-cleaning, said that cleaning is hard work and recognized with appreciation that his Mama does A LOT of work. Maybe I will bump up that allowance.

If this is a foretaste of summer, I may consume many cookies, have a spotless home, and need to stock up on my cleaning supplies. Surely now that I wrote that, the reality check of meltdown #3 is just around the corner. At least (for now), the house has sparkling glass and mirror surfaces for whatever trivial matter brings about WWIV. And I can already hear it starting…

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