To Grandmother’s House We Go

Excitement was high enough that the boys did NOT complain when woken up at the crack of dawn. They even got ready without the usual assistance required when sleep is interrupted. They dutifully brought their backpacks to breakfast. Fatigue was evident when tears came at a long layover because we chose NOT to eat at Subway. After eating more than his parents, Ethan’s tears were as far away as the Southwestern desert.

When flying to West Virginia, one must walk to and from the plane outside. It was a full flight of less than 30 people. The boys said it was the tiniest plane ever. It even had propellers.


Another sign that we were far from home (or heading home) was the prevalence of GREEN covering the rolling hills.


The view was lost on Connor who succumbed to the effects of a long travel day.


Hugs and food for an army greeted us. Dessert was pushed on the boys like their grandparents were drug lords. At one point when Grandpa started to encourage Connor to eat his veggies, Grandma reprimanded his forgetfulness about the role of spoiling that she lives by. The boys received gifts from their grandparents’ recent travels. Besides T-shirts from Hawaii, they were given a wooden recorder and a Vuvuzela from South Africa. From the tag: The Vuvuzela makes a high pitched blasting sound, much like the air-horn on big trucks… As glad as I am that the purchase helped 100 women from the Ndebele tribe, I will now be living the LOUD life of a World Cup fan 24-7. You probably heard it all last night from wherever you are because it was that loud and that continuous. Thanks, grandparents! 🙂

This morning the boys got up and instead of doing math Flashcards with their Daddy (isn’t that what every kid does in the morning?) they were treated to Sponge Bob Squarepants until their mean mommy woke up and made them stop. Needless to say, they are having fun. Their Daddy’s idea of fun is playing a game where he says a number and they race to see who can answer first its square (for Ethan) or double (for Connor). Instead of having to shout “6!” or “9!” after hearing “3” they are perfecting their zombie pose in front of the tv. The kids are believers in the state saying, “West Virginia, almost heaven.”


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