First Snow 2013

Yesterday I heard Ethan tell his tiny shrimp from his birthday present ecosystem that it had snowed, but there was barely a dusting. Today on the other hand was an official snowy morning with about 1-2 inches of accumulation.


First REAL snow today.

I felt like a daredevil driving on our street when only a couple cars had gone before me. Church was much emptier than usual. However, Ethan said it accurately, “This is nothing compared to Chicago.” I love the peaceful beauty of a white blanket covering everything. This snow had cleared the pavements in a few hours but still stuck around long enough for the boys to spend a joyous afternoon reveling in the winter playground.

Not a ton of accumulation but just enough for snow angels.

Not a ton of accumulation but enough for snow angels.

Baby snow man Ethan made and named Mr. Engineer.

Baby snow man Ethan made and named Mr. Engineer

Winter Slip N Slide!

Winter Slip N Slide!

Brief break from the snow fun to bang on the window, "What's the Bears score?!?!"

Brief break from the snow fun to bang on the window, “What’s the Bears score?!?!”

Hot cocoa after snow frolicking is an essential part of winter, and I am thankful that it will still be a part of my boys’ childhood even here in the sunny Southwest. Tip: Starbucks’ hot cocoa is ethically sourced and Costco sells a huge can of it. Chocolate and coffee have a bad reputation in how they are harvested in certain parts of the world. Not every company tries to be responsible in using sources that have not been associated with horrendous conditions and forced child labor. When I find one that does, you better believe I am going to choose them over others!

Props to Starbucks

Props to Starbucks

What winter days are all about: hot cocoa after playing in the snow.

Hot cocoa after playing in the snow.

I love the changing seasons and the variety of weather. We had a true fall this year in Albuquerque and I savored every minute of it. This snowy day is almost making me giddy. This week is Thanksgiving, perhaps my favorite holiday of the year. I cannot wait to eat and spend time with family and friends. The boys and I are going to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving tonight (TWO movie nights in one weekend because tis the season and I AM pretty giddy).

We ARE thankful and blessed. May your week be filled with delicious food and even better fellowship. May your snowy days always include a warm cup of hot cocoa. And may your hearts overflow with gratitude with whatever weather life brings your way!

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One Response to First Snow 2013

  1. Caryn says:

    Leslie, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eric and I think of you all as we’re catching up on our Breaking Bad episodes (once you make is past the 3rd show it’s all good…still morbid though).

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