Three weeks without a blog post is a very long time for me. For some reason, I have not had the writing bug. I have been busy, but being busy has never stopped me before. I told my husband that I just have not been inspired. Usually something happens whether deeply significant or ridiculously mundane and my mind races with thoughts that beg to be put down. It is not that my mind has been void of its constant flow of words (just ask my husband who often has to hear them spew out of my mouth in fire hydrant force). They just have not forced themselves into written form like they usually do.

The weather here has resembled a true winter in its cold temperatures. My writing is not the only thing slacking. My running this past month has been short, infrequent and more often on the dreaded treadmill. Even with great sermons to listen to from my former pastor, I still cannot last on the hamster wheel for longer than his introduction. (His sermons alone are the length of most mainstream services, let alone messages, but they are worth every hour spent!)

There are many who still run outside. I was not one of those dedicated crazies until this morning when I finally ventured out despite the phone app warning me it felt like 20 degrees. A running friend has been consistent with her outdoor jaunts and her persistence was inspiring. I also previewed Beyonce’s low-profile iTunes album release; Queen Bey’s finesse was inspiring. Then the sun’s rays were blaring through the open shutters and the warmth they provided me was inspiring. They seemed to say, “Although the phone app is telling you it feels like 20 degrees out, our existence will make it feel like 40. Come on out and do your thing.”

So I did. My fingers were red and numb. I was not close to setting any personal records. But it felt awesome to be in the great outdoors where 5 miles goes quickly versus me trying my best to stay on the boring treadmill past 2. It felt completely different and it felt completely awesome. The bright and warm sun even on a cold day made all the difference.

The power of the sun reminded me of exactly one year ago when its absence in Albuquerque seemed fitting considering the Sandy Hook shooting that occurred that day. I wrote a post that ended with this:

There was a bright clearing [in the cloudy, rainy day] that reminded me of the sun’s persistence. Evil is real and its work is undeniably painful. It rips through us and leaves us aching and wounded. Its power though strong is not Almighty. There is Victory over evil. There is hope in madness. There is Love that overcomes the darkest of nights. Whenever I see evidence of this unbeatable Force, I am comforted. And I do see God in so many things. My children. Nature. You. As our nation joins Newtown in unspeakable sadness, the ways we choose to demonstrate this Love will help heal us all. Albuquerque had a rainy, cloudy morning. But it is a place of Sun. It reminds me of this Love’s reign.

The stories of affected families who have somehow not only coped but managed to make something positive come out of it have been more than inspiring. As one grieving mother accurately stated, “Love wins.” This season of advent brings that statement into full fruition. It is truly inspiring.

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