Reasons to Run in the Rain…in Albuquerque

1) You can pretend that you are soaking wet because of the rain NOT because you have overactive sweat glands that scare the wildlife.

2) You do not have to wear sunscreen FOR ONCE since the sky is completely covered with dark clouds.

3) When you pass the ONLY other runner braving the weather, your usual nod of acknowledgement has an added respect: “You’re a bada$$, too.” Of course, despite the cloudy rain, it is still in the balmy 50’s aka beach weather in Chicago.

4) Because the usual traffic on paths and trails is gone, you get the thrill of wondering if that older white man SLOWLY walking up the trail with his dark rain coat pulled tightly around his head is a serial killer who finds this empty desert the perfect backdrop for his next victim before he finally gets exposed on 20/20. Had you passed him on a normal (sunny, warm, clear) day, you would just think he is the cutest grandfather in the world. However, like film producers know, the dark and stormy weather changes all that really quickly. Then you pass by and he waves and you realize your overactive imagination was silly and one should never prejudge. Shame on you for forgetting Macauley Culkin’s lesson learned on Home Alone that just because the old dude with the shovel LOOKS like a murderer does not mean that he is.

5) YOU WILL NOT MELT! Precipitation is rare here, and it can scare folks away. However the feel of wet drops on your legs is actually a nice tickle. Of course, when the light tickle picks up its momentum as the rain gets heavier, you do wonder if this is what acupuncture feels like. Then you reason that even the needle pricks on your face are better than during the hot summer when those tiny attacks are actually gnats who splatter themselves all over you and add to your protein intake. You make a note to yourself to carry your husband’s vial of truffle salt on your runs this summer to at least make those pesky pests more appetizing as they enter your heavy-breathing open-mouth.

This on anything makes it better...even gnats?

This on anything makes it better…even gnats?

6) The water from the sky tames the juniper! All allergy sufferers can run without prophylactic Claritin and then later overdosing on Benadryl. Your nose remains undisturbed and does not have to be rubbed red and raw.

7) As a creature of habit, you run the same route almost every time. It is similar to how you and your spouse sit in the same area at church every Sunday. You felt like the biggest rebel venturing into another section one week when he was out of town. Simmer down, James Dean; others only WISH they were as reckless. Although you still did not stray from your usual route, the weather changes made it feel a little less like Groundhog Day. It just goes to show how rare it is NOT to have a sunny, nice day. The clouds, the drops on the concrete, the darkened horizon were all faking you out with newness on your regular run.

Same mountains but clouds instead of sun

Same mountains but clouds instead of sun

Beautiful light layer of precipitous clouds starting to caress the mountains

Beautiful light layer of precipitous clouds starting to caress the mountains

Light layer evolved into full-on heavy cover

Light layer evolved into full-on heavy cover

What does it say about you that you saw the clouds and mountains as nature’s lovers? Each snapped picture came with a soundtrack. It went from “All By Myself” to “Reunited (and it feels so good)” and finally “Let’s Get It On.” You almost screamed to the heavy cloud cover, “Get a room!” Did I mention your overactive imagination? At least it kept you entertained throughout the painful acupuncture.

8) Rain or shine, you are trying to keep up preparations for this year’s Run Against Traffick. Last year’s race was your very first 5K ever. You not only survived without going into cardiac arrest, but also discovered that paying to run was NOT absolutely ludicrous especially when the proceeds go to a great cause. It sparked an illustrious career of racing. Ok, not really. This will be your second race and perhaps the only one you do regularly. But it is worth it to help victims of human trafficking in the state of New Mexico. Locals, do sign up here: Run Against Traffick.

9) Your love for running is consistent regardless of the weather. Wait…did I just say LOVE for running? You have crossed over from the old self of “running is completely torturous” to the sadistic “running is completely torturous, but I love it anyways.”

10) Lastly, the endorphins from your runner’s high may be needed on a day that is cloudy and rainy in the ABQ. When abundant sunshine is your norm, a WHOLE day of cloudiness could send you into serious clinical depression. Your 24-hours of seasonal affective disorder requires either the illegal purchase of antidepressant medication or the safer, more accessible natural high that comes after persevering through the torture.

Case closed. Next time it rains (4 months from now), get out there and run!

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