To a Friend (To Any) on a Foggy Day

Today it is completely cloudy in Albuquerque…there is no sun at all. I love looking at the majestic mountain range in our back yard. It reminds me so much of the mighty presence of God: His strength, His protection, His faithfulness, His existence over all the generations. But today, there is a heavy fog covering over most of the view. I cannot see any hint of, let alone the full scope of, the mountains. Had I not known their familiar, regular presence and view, I might never realize they were there. There are times like these where God is completely covered. We cannot see Him, hear Him, or feel Him. In fact, we wonder if He is even there. Even if it is as tiny as a mustard seed, I pray that you can remember, know, and sense that He is there, that He is the same unchanging One who loves you with a love that is beyond comprehension, despite feeling the absence of such in this time. I will keep praying for you and that the fog lifts to encourage you before the next season of cloud cover comes.


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One Response to To a Friend (To Any) on a Foggy Day

  1. Ellen Kyungah Paik says:

    What a great analogy and a wonderful reminder! Thanks for your post. I always look forward to reading it! Love, Kyungah

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