“She Is Worth The Risk”

This is someone whose initial hesitations changed into the title statement of this post. She is a professional photographer who took pictures of our mutual friend’s wedding. I have her black and white of my younger son (who was the ring boy) framed on our staircase wall. She is also a loving foster mom. She has mothered a handful of children who have given her many invaluable gifts. One of these gifts is an awareness to racism that led to this powerful picture and these heartfelt words.


I’ve debated on whether or not I wanted to post this because I know there will be some people ready to come at me with negative comments, but I’m going to post it because this little girl matters. I know, I know, every little girl matters, but she is the first little girl I’ve ever had in my life that might not have the same opportunities I had growing up, simply because of the color of her skin. I know, I know you want to tell me that if she works hard, there is no reason she can’t have all I’ve had. I wish that was true, but we live in a society where racism is alive and well, and white privilege is something that is so ingrained in us we don’t even see it or realize we have it. Not to say she won’t be successful in life, but she will have to work harder than I did. I do everything I can to protect her and sometimes I might be too sensitive or overprotective, but racism is new to me. It’s something I never had to think about before and the idea of “Princess” ever having to experience it breaks my heart. We can deny that it is a problem or say things like “I don’t see color” or “if we don’t talk about it, it will go away” but that isn’t going to change anything. If we could all just admit it’s a problem and there is something called white privilege we could move forward together. If you are still doubting that racism is a problem, I found this video super informative and very eye opening. Please take a minute to watch it:

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