When One Mom’s Heart Tears

My kids and I have been praying for little Ava for the past 2 years. Her mom Esther writes a blog that keeps us updated on this precious little girl’s fight against cancer. This morning I read her latest post in my email inbox unprepared for the weeping that would follow. With eloquent transparency, Esther writes about the struggles and joys that accompany being a mom whose daughter is fighting for her life. So many times her words wrap themselves around my own mother’s heart and give me a tiny glimpse of the myriad of emotions and thoughts she has had to face in all of this.

For seven years I have made choices for her about what she ate, what she wore, what schools, what shows, what shoes, what activities and each of these choices were made with love to see her thrive. How then can you ask me to choose how she will die?

Please take a moment to read her full post here. Posts like these make me fall on my knees, and I hope that you will join me there at the foot of the throne lifting up Ava, lifting up Esther, lifting up their whole family.

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