We are in a season of transition again, but I do believe that having been in this season less than four years ago makes this time a bit easier. Still, we are new and facing many scenarios where our comfort is disrupted and the boys feel nervous. It is good to be uncomfortable, and I am remembering the value of it. It is harder for the boys to recognize such value right now, but hopefully in time they will.

Currently we are living in a temporary apartment. The boys have settled into a little routine of breakfast, workbooks, and daily journal time before they can play on their iPads. This morning I checked their journals. Connor had written this entry a couple days ago, but because of the content I thought maybe it was from school days in Albuquerque since I had him using a leftover notebook. No, it was definitely after we moved to Tucson and were living in this transitional housing:

Home is were I live. I sleep, read, and eat in it. Home is were my family is. Harper, my dog, looks cute in it. I love my home.

As a parent, I obviously need to teach him how to spell “where” correctly. But as my child, he taught me something much more significant: the definition of home.

My husband bought a house before I saw it. My first impressions were good but not great. I was not in love with it, and my list of critiques popped up automatically. I do want to hurry up and move in so we can be settled into our new place and get this transition closer to finished. After reading my wise 8-year-old’s entry, I am reminded that home is where my family is. Those critiques dissipate. The hurry to settle subsides. And I can repeat with my son, “I love my home.”

And for comic relief, here is one of Ethan’s entries about a recent mishap:

Crash. Connor broke a apartment lamp!

As a parent, I need to teach him to use the article “an” before a word starting with a vowel. As my child, he taught me not to overreact and look like evil incarnate when things get broken. A close up of my apparent reaction:

Nervous feelings and evil faces combined, I really do love my home.

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