Let’s Hear It For the Boy

Every time anyone in our family does anything worth celebrating, my mom’s reaction is always, “We have to celebrate! Let’s celebrate!” while clapping her hands or raising them up in the air. When I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. A grandson aced a test? “We have to celebrate!” A grandson finally pooped in the potty? “Let’s celebrate!” A grandson got out of bed? I’m pretty sure if a grandson does ANYTHING, it is reason to celebrate. I learned that anytime our loved ones accomplish something in life that it is always worth celebrating. I learned to rejoice, to take note of the victories, to take the time to make sure precious ones know that you are proud of them, that they are loved, that their joys are your joys. My parents’ joy will even surpass our own when we share these reasons to celebrate. I will never forget when I first told them that Mike was finally feeling improvements in his health 4 long years ago that they held hands and jumped up and down like little kids while loudly verbalizing their sincere joy. Whatever we are happy about, their joy expands that happiness exponentially.

Maybe that is why when my low-key husband had something worth celebrating, he first emailed my dad. He simply said to me late one night right before bedtime, “I cc’d you on an email to your dad.” Through a short email, I found out that Mike had made it on a list of the world’s 300 leading IP (Intellectual Property) strategists. He was right in guessing my parents’ reaction. They were proud and emailed repeatedly from their trip in Europe to say so. Being their daughter, I am proud, too. I tell myself it is ok because even God bragged a little about His son. He could have kept His fatherly pride to Himself, but instead the heaven’s opened up, a dove descended, and He said in a booming voice, “This is my Son, Whom I love, WITH WHOM I AM WELL-PLEASED.” Drop the mic. (That’s in the NLB – New Leslie Beckett – version. If I get struck by lightning, you now know why.)

When I showed the kids the link above, I explained that their daddy made it on a list put out by IAM (Intellectual Asset Management) magazine.

Kids: Is that like Time (magazine)?
Me: Uh, no, not really. Not as many people read this one.
Kids: Billions?
Me: Uh, no, not at all. Probably just a few IP people.
Kids: Is daddy famous?
Me: Uh, no, definitely not. But isn’t it cool?
Kids: Cool. (run off to go play)

We will still celebrate because according to my parents (my mom already emailed asking if we had celebrated) everything is worth celebrating. Shout out to Deniece Williams for her Footloose gem of a song that I took the liberty of changing a little.

My baby, he don’t talk sweet, he ain’t got much to say,
But he emails, emails, emails, to say he made a list the other day.
And maybe he don’t dress fine, but I don’t really mind,
Cause he can kick some IP rear, that makes me wanna cheer:

Let’s hear it for the boy! Let’s give the boy a hand.
Let’s hear it for my baby. World’s leading 300 per IAM.
Oh, maybe he’s no Romeo, but his legal work is good to go!
Oh, whoa…let’s hear it for the boy!


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One Response to Let’s Hear It For the Boy

  1. christina mills says:

    I love reading your blog. I wish I had known sooner. So heart felt. It makes me smile and laugh out loud. I have wonderful memories of you and your family!

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