Summer Day 3

My kids are officially out of school, and we have almost survived our first week of summer break. Almost.

E-dogg finished his elementary school career (sniff, sniff) last week. Then for Memorial Day weekend, we rented a cabin with dear friends and had a blast enjoying the beauty of God’s creation, a little less time on our electronics, and great fellowship.


S’mores & fire roasted Korean sweet potatoes




Grand Canyon

This week the boys settled into their usual summer routine: a couple pages of workbooks, practicing piano, writing in a summer journal, rewarded iPad time, and a few hours of camp. My favorite by far is not camp (even though those hours of their activities and my peace are priceless) but the daily journal entries. I remember as a little girl writing in my Hello Kitty diary regularly; that habit stayed with me throughout adulthood. Despite the torture of my brother sneaking to read and then tease me about which boys I thought were cute, I still value the practice of documenting, processing, and reflecting. I also love the fact that I have a bin of journals somewhere that I can flip through and read about what was going on in my life during different stages and the introspection that accompanied those times. Honestly I don’t ever do that, but if I did I imagine it would take me to precious preserved memories and hopefully the evidence of growth and God’s faithfulness over the years.

I hope the same will be true for the boys. Maybe they will find an outlet for life’s ups and downs, treasured memories stored in their own writing, and some self-awareness. Or maybe they will just get some free entertainment, like their mama does now.

Day 2 in Connor’s 2017 summer journal started out so promising:


I smiled as I read his, “I love summer.” I love summer, too! I no longer dread it like I did when they were younger, harder to manage, and wearing me out.

What a difference a day can make. It is only Day 3. It felt like they woke up on each others’ nerves which means they then promptly jumped on mine.

Ethan’s Day 3 with follow up close ups to fully appreciate the emotion:




This so perfectly sums of Ethan’s existence. He enjoys science, he loves iPad, and he nags his brother to do his work so much that I rarely have to because big bro is constantly getting on little bro to “C, do your work!”

Connor’s Day 3 (pretty sure a big brother edited out “annoying” to replace with “cool” just to remind everyone that it does matter WHO gets to tell the stories that become our collective history):


Let’s zoom in on big brother’s face, shall we?img_2989

These entries did not include the yelling, fighting, and tattling that also occurred on Day 3. Next week I gave them an off week with no camps at all. But I started searching for some last minute ones after this morning’s “fun.” They begged me to keep it open. After checking the wine fridge and making sure it was well-stocked, I agreed to their pleas. For now.

Some day years from now, the boys may look at these journals and remember the good times of summer, sibling squabbles, and poor penmanship. It is all a part of their childhood that even with the screams and fake crying are truly precious enough to preserve and cherish. Day 3, people. Only 72 more to go…

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  1. ksdksdksd says:

    I always enjoy your brilliant writing and reading about the Beckett’s!

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