All of what I am makes me aware of GRACE. I am undeservedly 1)mother of Lego-loving Ethan & goofball Connor, 2) wife of smarty-pants Michael Beckett who humbly and incredibly serves our family so well, 3) daughter of Korean immigrant parents who work hard, love sacrificially, and give generously, 4) sister/sis-in-law to amazing brothers and sisters who all exhibit genuine faith & caring service & have done their part in making me a proud auntie, 5) friend to the world’s absolute best motley crew of awesome people possible, and 6) child of God, for Whom every imagined descriptive becomes sorely incomplete and (for once) leaves me speechless. I recently moved from the great city of Chicago to sunny Albuquerque (thank goodness for auto-correct). I hung up my social worker hat to stay home full-time to raise my rowdy boys (but the hat remains on the hanger ready to wear). I write to give escape to my continual verbose thoughts, which in turn keeps me sane. Originally, I wanted to have a record of the adoption process we were starting at the time this blog was born. Plans have changed but my need for therapy via writing remains. Admittedly, I write for me, but hope that it goes beyond that to bring something to you and ultimately to Him.


2 Responses to About

  1. Sasha says:

    Great blog with two adorable boys!!

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